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A strong web presence is absolutely essential to any business or organization’s visibility and credibility.

A responsive website is built on a grid and adjusts itself to display properly on any size screen, and is essential in today's digital marketplace.

A responsive website is built on a grid and adjusts itself to display properly on any size screen, and is essential in today’s digital marketplace.

Responsive website design that won’t break your budget

Whether you’re in need of a brand-new site or an overhaul of your current one, we can help. With so many ways to access your site (think desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and so forth) and so much traffic coming via mobile devices, you want to make sure that your site looks good, functions properly and displays as you intend, no matter what device is used.

WTF? Technical Solutions specializes in working with small businesses, nonprofit organizations, clubs/groups and individuals. We work with each client to help them understand what’s being done, the variety of options and features available, and offer practical solutions based on your needs and your budget.

Visit the Portfolio page to see examples of our recent projects.

Why WTF? builds websites exclusively using WordPress

In our nearly 20 years of website administration experience, we have never found a simpler, cleaner, more user-friendly piece of software than WordPress. It seems almost silly to think that one would ever take the time to learn to hand-code HTML and CSS in order to publish a personal or business website, as was the case in the early days of the Word Wide Web, before WYSIWYG editors and content management systems.

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We build all of our personal and client websites using WordPress. Here are five (of the many) reasons why you should use WordPress, too:

#1WordPress is user-friendly. Anyone with even moderate knowledge of computers, websites and how they work should be able to quickly and easily learn to use WordPress to publish content. As I always tell my clients, “If you can edit a document using Microsoft Word, I can teach you to update your WordPress site.

#2WordPress is easy to install and upgrade. It does not take an IT expert to install WordPress on your web hosting account; in fact, any quality, reliable web host should offer one-click WordPress installation. And if your host doesn’t offer an easy way to install WordPress, check out our website hosting plan, which does.  

#3Customizing your WordPress site is easy. There are thousands, if not more, WordPress themes available, both for free and premium. WordPress developers are always releasing new themes with new capabilities, design and functionality. Many of these themes offer easy customization and, if you don’t like your current theme, a new one is only a few clicks away.

#4WordPress plug-ins add functionality without knowing how to write code. Because WordPress is an open-source project, there are hundreds if not thousands of developers around the world who write code and create plug-ins for all to use to extend their site’s functionality. The possibilities are endless!

#5WordPress is both open-source and FREE. I intentionally left this one for last, because it truly is the best thing about WordPress. No user licenses to purchase. No corporate overlords. No need to worry about buyouts, takeovers and mergers. Just a dedicated community of developers who are committed to always improving the product and, most importantly — your website’s visitors!

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