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On May 21, 2014, Why The Fuss? Technical Solutions hosted a viewing party in downtown Janesville, Wisconsin for a live Google Partners webcast event aimed at helping small-business owners understand the importance of an online presence, and how best to maximize that presence using a variety of tools and tips.

The webcast, entitled “Helping Small Businesses Succeed on the Web,” featured three featured speakers, who covered topics ranging from the importance of updating your website regularly to working with an agency to why you should never copy-and-paste reviews of your business onto your website from third-party sites such as Yelp or Google.

For those who were unable to attend the viewing party (and those who were who want to re-watch the presentation to catch all the things you may have missed the first time!) we have embedded each segment below. Please feel free to watch, discuss and share with other business owners. If you have any questions, we’d love to talk to you more about how WTF? might be able to help your business.

The day began with a short welcome and introduction by Sally Zhao, associate product marketing manager for Google, who then brought in Arjan Dijk. Arjan, who is the vice president for global small-business marketing at Google, also co-authored “The Small Think Big Book.” He shared stories and advice to help small businesses thrive in the competitive digital marketplace.

Next up was Fred Vallaeys, a Google AdWords “evangelist,” who explained how small businesses can understand and navigate the world of online advertising in order to increase sales.

Last but not least, the webcast featured a piece by Ben Wood, Google’s director of their Channel Sales America division. Ben spoke about the benefits of working with a Google-partnered agency (like Why The Fuss? Technical Solutions) and what resources these agencies bring to the table.

We hope you find these presentations beneficial. We plan to host similar events in the future. If you or your business would like to take part, please sign up the WTF? newsletter to receive event announcements, special offers, and more.

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