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One of my favorite things about owning and operating my own business is the fact that I can work from home. Any time of day or night, my commute to or from the office is approximately four seconds. It’s a beautiful thing, especially on days like today when a healthy blanket of fresh snow awaited me outdoors.

But what happens when life takes me outside the home? How does someone whose business revolves around technology and the internet be productive while away from home (and the comfort of my blazing fast connection)?

Sure, plenty of coffee shops, restaurants and other businesses offer free wi-fi, but I have found it difficult to rely on these services. In essence, you get what you pay for. Plus, you never know what sort of nefarious activity might be lurking on public wi-fi networks.

FreedomPop Overdrive Pro

FreedomPop Overdrive Pro

My solution to this problem? FreedomPop. It’s a mobile hot spot that runs on a cellular 3G/4G network, much like you would purchase from your cellular provider. But FreedomPop is different in one very important way: It offers up your first 500MB of data each month for the unbeatable price of absolutely nothing!

Sure, you might say, 500MB doesn’t get you very far nowadays. That’s what I thought at first, and if you’re streaming hour after hour of HD video, you’re correct. But that same 500MB will get you quite a bit of email access, web surfing and other activities before you pay a cent in data fees.

Monthly data packages are available, as are several other add-on services that vary in price. If you choose to go the free route, as I have, the only cost is the price of the hot spot itself, which I got on special for around $60. For those who do not subscribe to a data package, every MB you use above 500MB each month costs you all of $02. ($01./MB if you subscribe to a data package). So if you happen to exceed your free 500MB in any given month, even by 200 MB, you’re only on the hook for $5.

FreedomPop offers several different hot spots, but I went with the Overdrive Pro (pictured above). It allows me to connect to the Sprint mobile network at 3G or 4G speeds, depending where I am. In my area (southern Wisconsin) I generally am able to pick up a 4G signal, unless I am way off the beaten path or inside a building with poor reception, in which case it reverts to 3G.

For a $60 investment, you can’t go wrong. Are you convinced? Visit the FreedomPop website and order one today!

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