Charter rolling out Spectrum service

If you’re a Charter Communications Internet subscriber in the Janesville or Madison, Wisconsin areas, you recently may have noticed your download speeds are quite a bit faster than they have been. That’s because the telecommunications giant recently rolled out its Charter Spectrum service in southern Wisconsin.

The Need For Speed

It’s always nice to have additional bandwidth, even if you’re not streaming multiple Netflix connections simultaneously or playing graphic-intensive online games. Using the previously offered 30 mbps service, our household often had two HD streams going on opposite ends of the house, plus some additional network traffic via web browsing and the like, and we never once had a problem with network congestion or buffering. So I have no reason to believe that our current (or future, for that matter) activities would clog the Spectrum service.

How fast am I going?

You can check your current network speeds by visit Please remember that there are several factors in play when determining your bandwidth, so run a few tests over the course of a day or two, at different times, and use the average as a baseline.

Charter Spectrum Broadband Internet Speed

This graphic is an example of the download speeds we achieved in our Janesville, Wisconsin office on Friday, May 16, 2014 using Charter Spectrum Broadband Internet service. The service is advertised as 60 mbps, although your results may vary.

If you live in the Janesville or Madison area but aren’t achieving these Spectrum speeds (advertised as 60 mbps), follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your modem and router, then plug them back in after 30 seconds.
  2. Let the router settings refresh (this will not change your network ID or passcode).
  3. Open your web browser and visit and run a second test.

If your results are anywhere north of 35-40 mbps, you’re already using the Spectrum service. If your speeds are lower, there is a chance that Charter Spectrum has not been rolled out in your neighborhood yet. We received a notice via mail and email announcing the upgrade, so if you haven’t received one or both of those messages, keep an eye out — Charter says the entire area will have Spectrum access by the end of Summer 2014.

The Spectrum service also boasts improved HDTV network selection and better phone service. But we don’t subscribe to those services so I can’t comment on their quality.

One last note: Why The Fuss? Technical Solutions is neither affiliated with or endorsed by Charter Communications; we just subscribe to their broadband Internet services, think it’s a quality connection, and believe in giving a shout-out when a company introduces what appears to be an improvement on an already superior product.

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