Use The Voting Information Project to find Fall 2014 election info

Why The Fuss? Technical Solutions shares the belief that being an informed citizen and participating in elections are not only our inalienable rights as Americans, but also these are duties which every citizen take should advantage and treat seriously. Today’s technology allows us to find information more quickly and easily than ever. Thanks to a project spearheaded…

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Charter rolling out Spectrum service

If you’re a Charter Communications Internet subscriber in the Janesville or Madison, Wisconsin areas, you recently may have noticed your download speeds are quite a bit faster than they have been. That’s because the telecommunications giant recently rolled out its Charter Spectrum service in southern Wisconsin.…

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FreedomPop offers FREE Internet on-the-go

One of my favorite things about owning and operating my own business is the fact that I can work from home. Any time of day or night, my commute to or from the office is approximately four seconds. It’s a beautiful thing, especially on days like today when a healthy blanket of fresh snow awaited…

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